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The woman is not meant to be separated from the www.vzwpix.com responsibility of origin sebaga a mother and wife. The opportunity that the woman demanded elephantiasis double role in his life. This proves that it is not impossible for a woman to be and have a certain profession. Despite the many obstacles that will be encountered in the dual role. Indirectly, women must realize that he has this opportunity as men, which may be the opportunity is considered too difficult for women.

On the other hand, women should still consider the decision to choose a dual role as a good and mature. Women should pay attention to loads, constraints, and the responsibility to be borne if he chose the double role. However, all of these obstacles is not a reason for women not to be a career or profession. Woman with a conscience must uphold emancipation through various means, including through its role in the public sector.

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Development of human resources (HR) www.vzwpix.com in Indonesia is still necessary given priority by the Indonesian government. The development is not only encouraged in men only or women only. But the fact shows that women still tend to be underestimated in terms of this kind. Public view of the role of women is still very narrow. They tend to view women only as a housewife. The assumption may be true, but women are also capable of double role as men in general. Women also have the power to work and profession.

At this era, women are no longer imprisoned in their homes and are only allowed to do things related to home alone. Women have been given the same freedom as men. Women have the same learning opportunities as men, as well as in terms of employment. Not a few women who are able to do the work of men in general, such as hoeing, become rickshaw drivers, and many other things. The role of the woman is not without reason. Many reasons may be its own impetus for women to take advantage of emancipation that has been acquired

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